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Electronic Two or Three-Coin Acceptors


Model P-83

  • Single slot, patented Triple Coin Comparator matches any of 3 samples while rejecting virtually all other coins and slugs
  • Individual sensitivity adjustment for each coin channel
  • Accepts US quarters and dollars, tokens, Canadian and Foreign coins
  • Water resistant and sealed to prevent damage
  • Low maintenance with a simple mechanical design with only one moving part and no mechanical adjustments
  • Non-jamming with a new coin chute design
  • Chassis opens to provide clear access to coin path
  • Returns all rejected coins and returns coins inserted during a power outage
  • Electronic coin switch credits each accepted coin with no mechanical micro switch needed

Slugbuster® III Features

Technical Information – click here for details

  • Standard or E/Z open chassis
  • Design makes it virtually “unstringable”
  • Adjustable selectivity for fine tuning to reject problem slugs
  • Built-in coin switch
  • Water resistant


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