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The revolutionary coin acceptor that’s convenient, easy-to-use and simple to maintain.


Parker Engineering is a family owned and operated business located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We are the proud designers and manufacturers of the Slugbuster® coin acceptors primarily for the car wash and pay shower markets. 

We started like many family-owned companies in the basement of Don and Gayla Parkers home.  Don was approached to try to solve a problem for the gambling industry.  Counterfeiters were going into casino’s high end slot machine areas and using tokens that they made that matched the weight and size of the casino’s tokens.  They would empty the machines out with huge losses to the companies.  Don came up with the very first solid-state electronic coin acceptor which analyzed the metal content of the coin going through and reject all of the phony tokens.  They ended up being used industry wide and eliminated the huge theft issue.

As soon as word got out that there was a mechanism that could read the coins, he was approached by a few car wash entrepreneurs who wanted a solution to the mechanical mechs that were being used in their wash. With the harsh environment, often unattended washes, and the opportunity for theft it made sense to invent a unit specifically for that application.  The car wash line of products began there in 1984.  Since that initial design we have added mechanisms that accept multiple coins through one slot and distinguish and assign different values for each coin. 

We take pride in continuing to be a family business with the 3rd and 4th generations involved in the business.  We believe we provide excellent customer service and stand behind every product that we make.  All our parts (except board level electronic components) are proudly made and assembled in the USA.  We offer a 2-year warranty and continue to service units long after the warranty expires.

We welcome the opportunity to continue to help owners and operators to grow their business.


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